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   The company has powerful new product research and development ability
The company has insisted “high, new and different” development modes for years and positioned in producing complete assemblies for top tool manufacturers in the world. The company has specially established a product R&D department, and employed 32 technicians with more than 10 years of hardware research and development and practical experience. And meanwhile, advanced detection equipment such as three-coordinate testers was also equipped. The research and development staff have rich application experience of 2D and 3D design software such as CAD and PRO-E.
At present, new products covers more than 30 percent of the main operation business of the company.
   Perfect detection center and advanced detection equipment
   Strict internal quality control system
The product produced by the company selects domestic high-quality steels, all raw materials not only have original guarantee of quality, but also accept element analysis while entering the factory, and they will be used only after being tested and qualified.
HONGBAO has unique spheroidizing annealing furnaces, which can further fine product’s internal structural crystal grain and improve mechanical performance of the product.
Perfect quality control flow
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