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The knives & scissors with Hongbao brand were awarded Top 10 Famous Brand on Knife & Scissor in China. The series products with Hongbao Brand were awarded with the title Products with Good Market in 2002, and the trademark Hongbao was awarded Famous Brand In Jiangsu Province.


Party Committee of Jiangsu Hongbao Group was established, and Mr. Zhu Yubao acted as secretary of the party committee in July.


On January 1, the group was rated by the Ministry of Agriculture as Famous Brand Key Enterprises in National Township Enterprises.
On July 28, the adjustable spanners with Hongbao Brand were awarded as Top 10 Famous Brand on Spanner in China.


On October 12, the stocks of holding subsidiary of the Group, i.e. Jiangsu Hongbao Hardware Co., Ltd. were listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange with the stock code 002071.
In December, the series products of quick water pump pliers (8㡢10㡢12) won the innovation prize of Chines hardware products.


Jiangsu Hongbao Group Co., Ltd. got the brand certificate for exporting mechanical and electrical products.


In December, Jinagsu Hongbao Hardware Co., Ltd. was honored with the title Advanced Group in National Hardware Industry.


In February, Jiangsu Hongbao Hardware Co., Ltd. was ranked Top 15 in Competition among Tools and Hardware Products in 2008.
In August, Jiangsu Hongbao Hardware Co., Ltd. began to step into the household industry with the brand of home and life.
On October 11, the instruments with brand Home Life served as the daily tools supplies for the 26th Chinese Antarctic Expedition, and for the first time were used in Antarctic, challenging the extreme environment.
In December, the instruments with Hongbao brand were awarded with the certificate of Jiangsu Famous-brand Products by Jiangsu Brand Strategy Promotion Committee. Manicure sets were ranked as the Jiangsu Famous Brand.


On April 29, Mr. Zhu Yubao, the former chairman of Jiangsu Hongbao Group, was hired as the honorary chairman, Mr. Zhu Jianfeng was appointed as the chairman, and Ms. Xie Qiuping was appointed as the secretary of the Party committee.



In March, Jiangsu Hongbao Electronics Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Hongbao Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. were established.
In September, Jiangsu Hongbao Photovoltaic Co., Ltd. was established.


In April, the asset reorganization of Jiangsu Hongbao Hardware Co., Ltd. was successfully completed, and the name of the company was changed to Jiangsu Hongbao Tool Com., Ltd.

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